Our Story...
Years ago when we purchased our first hurdy gurdy,  a big part of our decision was based on our limited budget.  As a result we ended up with an instrument that was pretty much unplayable.
That early experience led us to begin building them ourselves.  The first HG we made was to replace the one we purchased.  Immediately after we began incorporating our new Hurdy Gurdy into our live performances, people started asking 'Can you make me one just like yours?'  That's how it started for us. We didn't advertise, it was all word of mouth. 
After many proto-types and years of playtesting our models at live performances, we are very pleased to be able to offer full featured, great sounding hurdy gurdies to fit any player's budget & needs. 
We are often told 'You need to raise your prices'.  That might be true, but then we might be discouraging some future Hurdy Gurdy player because of budget concerns.  WE started out that way and it was no fun. Our goal is to not only offer the best hurdy gurdy for the price, but the best hurdy gurdy at any price.
We are very passionate about Hurdy Gurdies and want to share them with the whole world.   

WHEN YOU ORDER FROM US... you are ordering from professional, full time hurdy gurdy luthiers. Every single workday is spent refining and expanding the craft of hurdy gurdy making. With over 1,100 instruments built, you are getting years of playtesting and building experience in each instrument. We know how much fun it is play a Hurdy Gurdy, and we can't wait to share them with you.
Thanks for stopping by,
George & Anwyn
George Leverett -woodworking & design, harpist, hurdy gurdy
George was a business student in college (at UNR in Nevada).  He was going to be an accountant, but we all know how hard it is to find work in that field. So, he took the easy way out and became a musician & luthier instead. George started making harps way back in 1994.  In the late 1990's, George got his first taste of making hurdy gurdies and found his true musical love in these wild and wonderful instruments.  
Email George You can find a more detailed biography of George on our music site:, or on his Facebook page.
Anwyn Leverett -artwork, finishing, hurdy gurdy
Anwyn started this all with George back at the beginning.  To answer the question most on your mind right now:  Yes, she is always as happy as she looks in the picture.  Besides her work with instruments, Anwyn plays hurdy gurdy, psaltery,  hammered dulcimer, & guitar. 
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You can find a more detailed biography of Anwyn on our music site:
Our woodshop on a snowy day
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Anwyn & George Leverett / Altarwind Music
PO Box 32
O'Brien, OR 97534
phone 541-596-2006
You can also get to know us a little better by watching the video segment that recently aired on Oregon Public Television (click here).
When we're not in the woodshop-
We perform 'pirate' music under the name 'Long Blond Silver'.  You can catch our shows around southern Oregon / northern California.
We also host periodic hurdy gurdy 'jam session for players in southern Oregon.
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