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"First, let me say that George's hurdy gurdies are absolutely fantastic.  I play professionally, and am thrilled and delighted with the instrument in every way.  The instrument is very solid, and definitely up to travel.  I play it on gigs 2-4 times a day.
It is as beautiful to look at as it is solid.  I get the most admiring "ohhs" and "ahhs" as I take it out of the case. 
How about the sound? Rich, beautiful, and resonant. I am continually delighted and amazed at how the instrument seems to grow in sound each time I play it.  Just last night, as I was changing the cotton on the low drone string, it suddenly seemed to reach a new level of deep resonance. (And it sounded just great all along...)
I do a lot composing on different instruments. I can honestly say that since getting this Hurdy Gurdy I've been inspired without a lapse in creativity.  In fact, I just pick up the instrument and it seems to just play new melodies all by itself! I think that the better the instrument, the easier it is to create music on it, whether your own or someone else's.  And as a composer, I'm more than happy with the inspiration and ease of composing this instrument offers."
Jim Kendros, Chicago, Illinois
"George & Anwyn,
First, I have been having a blast with the hurdy gurdy. We're working it into more and more sets with our band. I also bring it with me to the weekly sessions I lead in town.
I thought you'd like to know that I entered a national Irish music competition (Fleadh) in Chicago a few weeks back. I prepared four tunes on the hurdy gurdy for the "Miscellaneous Instrument" category. The hurdy gurdy attracted a great deal of attention over the weekend. Much to my surprise, I won first place in the competition, qualifying me for the "All Ireland" World Championship. I played a slow air (The Maids of Araglen), a March (O'Sullivan's), a set dance (Jockey to the Fair), and a jig (Jim Ward's).

I sincerely hope all is well by you guys--Altarwind is awesome!
-Ed Paloucek, Helenville WI
Note: You can hear Ed's band 'Atlantic Wave' by visiting their website
Dear Anwyn and George, you have both been a pleasure to work with.  My new hurdy gurdy is even better than I expected it to be (and I expected it to be wonderful in the first place!).  The craftsmanship is superb, and most importantly, it sounds superb;  it practically plays itself in that when it's tuned up (which is also easy to do because it's well made!), it literally "sings!" 
Having been a musician for many years, I can honestly say that I appreciate your informed, professional, friendly and responsive personalities.  Plus, the features that you offer on your gurdys are outstanding (i.e. the Marshall Plate, on/off buttons, easily adjustable bridges, etc).   You have taken hurdy gurdy technology to a whole new level with your creativity and understanding of the mechanisms involved. 
It just doesn't get any better than this.  Thank you, both, for sharing your skills and wisdom; moreover, thanks for creating such wonderful instruments and know that in me, you have a client and a friend for life.  :-)
-Brent Cordial, Marietta, GA
"I just wanted to thank you for my beautiful instrument.  It arrived safely and I just love playing it.  A musician friend of mine couldn't believe how inexpensive this finely crafted instrument was.  I've been breaking it in this week and it's starting to sound awesome.  I have been playing it so much that I actually woke up last night on my couch with my hurdy gurdy still in my lap.  Well I gotta go, I think I hear my hurdy gurdy calling.  Keep up the great work."  Mike B, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
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