I ordered a Gypsy style Hurdy Gurdy from George. All in all I couldn't be more pleased about the instrument. The building time was short. It took about 2 weeks to ship it to Europe, but I think most of that time was spent in the slow Norwegian costums and postal services. In total, it took about 2 months from ordering to playing, but when you get the HG you understand why George is a busy man. When I opened the package I was pleased with both the look of the thing, and also that you get a fine gig bag with it.
The instrument itself is great. Both sound and look. The craftmanship is spotless. The shipping went great. No dameges what so ever. You could (almost) take it out and play it right away.
To sum it up the plusses are:
+ a fine looking instrument
+ a fine sounding instrument
+ the tuning of each note is with an allan wrench, an easy and better alternative than just " a peg in a hole"
+ guitar style tuners, keep it longer in tune
+ gig bag
+ helpful instruction booklet
+ a free cd
+ THE PRICE!!!!!!
since I come from Europe (where history comes from) I felt a bit wierd turning to America to buy this sort of instrument (well...,they didn't even have a medieval period ;) ) but fear not. This guy knows what he is doing! If am ever going to buy a harp one day. George would be the man.
Now it is back to annoy my friends and family with my playing....
Thanks again for a wonderful instrument

Best regards
Harald Nilsen, Norway

"It was great to meet both of you this afternoon and see your beautiful home.  Thanks for creating such a beautiful instrument for me!  Hours after getting home from my trip, nothing has been unpacked except the hurdy gurdy.  I've been jamming with it and getting into an ancient part of myself with it's own sympathetic vibration.  Thanks for getting me started on what is certain to be a long and satisfying musical romance." Jeff D., Eugene, OR
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"I wanted to take a few moments to let you know how much I enjoy my Hurdy-Gurdy, I am getting it really fast.  I'll need more time to learn some complex rythmics with the dog, but my fingers are getting used to the way the keys works.  It is very easy and fun to jam and improvise on the instrument.  We may also be incorporating the hurdy-gurdy in my band's compositions soon!" Vincent R., Quebec, Canada
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