"I really love my hurdy gurdy. Glenn and I had a holiday open house yesterday, I brought out the hurdy gurdy to everyone's delight and amazement. Everyone wanted to try it out and everyone noted the beautiful woodwork."  KC Cowan 
Host of the PBS program 'Art Beat'
Portland, Oregon
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"I got the hurdy gurdy yesterday and haven't stopped playing it!  George is truly a master craftsman, and his work shows his passion and expertise.  Thank you both so much for this amazing instrument."  Caleb C.,
Kelos, Washington
Customer Comments and Reviews
"I just wanted to let you know that I gave your beautiful Hurdy Gurdy to John last night.  He was very pleased to see he got such a beautiful one! Thank you so much for all your hard work and the beautiful craftsmanship, it is truly a work of art." Nancy B., Boise, Idaho
"Thank you, I love my gurdy. It sounds so awesome.  I just have to figure out some of the mechanics (like how to play without it eating my hair!) but I can already play the song that motivated me to get it. WHEEEE!!!!!!" Elizabeth B., Montebello, New York
"I recently received the symphonie and am very pleased with it.  It is quite beautiful to look at, and now that I'm starting to get the hang of playing it, it is sounding great too.  Everyone that I show it to is blown away by it.  Your work is extremely impressive.  Thanks" Marty P., Ontario, Canada
"the hurdy gurdy is here and it is beautiful!  I'm crying...I'll e-mail you later when I'm a bit more composed!!!! thank you so much" Karma J., Green Springs, Ohio
"It's here! How beautiful an instrument it is too. We will be using it in programs to come and can hardly wait to see how people love the sounds. Thank you again for the beauty that you are bringing to this world with your love that you put into the instruments you make." Nola B., Granite Bay, California
"The hurdy gurdy came in today. It is without a doubt the most beautiful musical instrument I have ever seen. Thank you very much" Bill M. , British Columbia, Canada
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