Hi, I just wanted to let you know that the insturment you made for me is absolutely wonderful. It is a joy to play, beautiful to look at and  has provided me with many hours of enjoyment.  The tone is wonderful and I am completely satisfied.
I will send you some photos of my other Hurdy Gurdy, made by (***name edited out***) in 1984, in a few days.  I like playing your instrument more than it, as it was a faithful reproduction of a 17th century lute back...complete with friction fit tuning pegs and tangents...a royal pain to tune and keep in tune. Talk about humidity induced problems! Sometimes I think it could start a stampede of all cattle in a 6 county area when it does not want to cooperate
 I would not hesitate to purchase another Hurdy Gurdy from you... thanks for the excellent service and for producing a product which exceeded my expectations by orders of magnatude. Keep up the great work! Tom P., Malta, Montana
"The instrument arrived in PERFECT condition.  It is a wonderful hurdy gurdy: the paintings are awesome, the fleurs de lys are absolutely fantastic.  Congratulations!  I pinned my hopes on you and the result is a complete success.  I thank you very much.  It was a great pleasure to meet not only a great craftsman, but also a great artist.  THANKS A LOT!" Raymond H., Quebec, Canada
"Hello!! I received my symphonie yesterday!! I LOVE IT!!! It is so fun to play, and the craftsmanship is beautiful!!
I'm letting all my students play it...   the smiles on their faces!!  This may be the most exclamation points I've ever used in an email!!  Thanks!!!" Roald W., Stoneham, Massachusets
"1000 thank´s to you Anwyn and George. Instrument is great and the sound is glorius."  Juhani A., Espoo, Finland
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Customer Comments and Reviews
"I wanted to thank you for everything, the gurdy is fantastic!  You've gone far and above all of my expectations.  The instrument sounds and looks great. The artwork is awesome, the craftsmanship is superb, and the electronics sound so cool! I'd definitely recommend any of my folkie friends to your excellent business, even if it meant not being one of the only dudes around with a hurdy gurdy ;)"
Andrew C.,  Edmonton, Alberta (Canada) 
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