'Aquitaine' body
2. How many strings?
Each string on a hurdy gurdy can be turned on / off independently of all the other strings.  Generally speaking you want to get as many strings as you can afford, since you'll have more possible combinations to use.  A six string model is pretty full featured (2 melody strings / 4 drones), but some folks want something different.  For example, if you want three melody strings instead of the usual two (or four melody strings, or....?) 
Here's how the pricing works-
5 string - $1,595.00, then add $200.00 for each additional string from there.
Design Your Own Hurdy Gurdy
If you would like something more customized than our standard models, this is the page for you.  We'll take it step by step.
1. Choose the body- which one appeals to you most?
'Moncur' body
3. Artwork:
If you order a six (or more) string model, art packages are included at no additional cost.  If you prefer an instrument with less than six strings pricing is as follows: Rose art or Celtic art- add $50.00.  Fruit & Vine- add $25.00.  (better pictures can be found by clicking here...) We're also happy to build your hurdy gurdy with no artwork, if you prefer. If you would like custom artwork, email Anwyn for a quote.
4. Soundholes:
Choose a soundhole style that fits your tastes. All our soundhole options can be viewed at this part of our website
5. Options:
Would you like Sympathetic strings? Add $95.00 for each set of four (description at this part of our website ...). Most folks are fine with 1 set of sympathetic strings, but additional sets can be built in for custom applications (E.g. a gurdy can be made with 8 sympathetic strings, or even 12)
Drone Capos Add $45.00 per drone capo. (description at this part of our website).   
Electronics If you want your instrument to be 'electric' (so it can be plugged in) we have two options to choose from.  A passive pickup adds $105.00 to the price, or an active system which adds $295.00 to the price. (description at this part of our website).
3rd Row / Harmony Keys add $595.00 (description at this part of our website)
6. Anything else?
Is there an option you want, but don't see above?  For example: we can dye the instrument a custom color, add a sculpted headstock, tell us!  Feel free to email or call for additional pricing.
7. Place your order
Call us at toll free 888-265-9711 / 541-596-2006 so we can get started on your hurdy gurdy.  We ask for a deposit of 1/2 up front, with the balance & shipping due on completion of the instrument.
Be sure to check our our 'gallery' for ideas of customization (artwork etc) Just click here....
Add $125.00 for custom coloration / dye

upper left = green
upper right = purple
Carved Headstock adds $300.00
pictured is a dragon head (above) a goat (top right) and a lady head (right)
'Merry Wood' body
Hurdy Gurdies by George & Anwyn Leverett
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