I've seen hurdy gurdies with plastic parts (tangents/ rosettes / whatever) We do not use plastic parts; we use all hardwood for our instruments.  We very carefully hand select each and every piece of wood that goes into our instruments.  With such wonderful instruments, we feel it's better to use the best materials we can right from the start.
Do you ship internationally?  How much is shipping to....? Yes; over the years we've shipped to every continent (except Antarctica & Africa)  Shipping rates vary, depending on where we're shipping. You can email us  or call (toll free 888-265-9711) for an exact quote.
Is the wheel removeable on your HG's? Yes, but why would you ever want to? 
I read that the wheel needs to be removable, why is this?  The removable wheel is handy if warrantee work is ever required.  Think of it like this: Fender electric guitars have a removable neck (for the same reason) but in the course of normal playing, no one ever takes the neck off the guitar.  This analogy works for the HG wheel too. However, we know that unforeseen circumstances will arise, so we include directions for this procedure in our lesson book (just in case).
Do you sell plans / kits of your instruments? Not at this time.  We do consider the idea of a kit (fairly often actually) but we always get hung up on a few critical items like adjusting the wheel bearings & setting up the 'dog'.  These are next to impossible to get right if you don't know how they're supposed to 'feel', and beginners usually don't have the background to successfully sort this out.  
Are your instruments durable?  Yes. Over the years our personal hurdy gurdies have been:  rained on, blown over by the wind, through a very bad car accident, spilled on by various beverages & bodily fluids (don't ask), survived over 1,000 school assembly programs, played in bars, concerts and as street musicians.  In spite of all this they still sing wonderfully.
More Q & A will be added as we are asked.  If you have a question that you don't see posted here, just give us a call (toll free 888-265-9711) or you can drop us an email at
Frequently Asked Questions
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Pictured: Real wood lying on our workbench!
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