We are a two person shop - George & Anwyn Leverett. When you order from us, there is no middle-man, no shop helpers, and no apprentices to drive up costs.
As such, we've had to be inventive in the way our shop is set up. Over the years, our shop has become very specifically tooled to make hurdy gurdies. We have jigs for all the various parts, enabling us to get our work done much more quickly and with repeatable accuracy.

Obviously some things can't be done in a production mode. Things like tap toning a soundboard, or making & setting up the 'dog' must be done one at a time with the utmost attention to detail. But then Items like the headstock or keyshafts can be made in production, without sacrificing tone or beauty .
Why are our prices so low?
State of the Art Technology
For those items that CAN be batch cut, we use the most current, up to date tools available. This includes a Cnc machine (which we affectionately refer to as 'Big Johnson') and laser engravers.
These tools are controlled by computers and can repeatedly cut wood & metal precisely to tolerances impossible to achieve otherwise.  They save considerable man hours over making the many small parts by hand.
These are the same tools you find in high end production guitar shops (like Gibson, etc), finally being utilized to benefit the hurdy gurdy world.
Pictured left: Big Johnson cutting out metal tangents
Another factor: we live in a very rural area, where the cost of operating is considerably less than if we lived in a city.  Setting up a woodshop in O'Brien, Oregon is entirely different than San Francisco or New York.
We use only the highest quality materials, hand selected hardwoods, and time tested building techniques for each instrument.   All these factors come together to create a killer sounding, yet affordably priced instrument. 
Indeed-not only are we able to provide full featured, great sounding hurdy gurdies for the best prices around; we actually offer features that you won't find anywhere else, such as our innovation 'the Marshall Plate' (click for more details) and our 'melody capo' system.   If you were shopping for a guitar or mandolin, you can get an excellent instrument for $1,400.00.  Why should hurdy gurdies be any different?  We are very pleased to offer a great sounding Hurdy Gurdy in this price range.
If you're curious about how our pricing works visit our 'Design' page (click here) 
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Altarwind Music
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